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helped the recession from becoming a depression. elizabeth: not everyone agrees. let's get to it. we've got a great gang here. the bulls and bears this week, gary, tobin, eric and mark. let's get to it. is the president right that they saved us from a depression? >> unless he was ben bernanke and paulson in september, no! i'm just shocked. whether you like the tarp, didn't like the tarp, whatever, the crunch time of this deal was september 15 to maybe october 15. that's where we could have fallen off. that's where $700 billion -- we had a run on the banks, on money market accounts. for him to claim this is for me to claim i'm the new jenny craig guy. elizabeth: kristen, set the stage. all collapsing last fall. can the president take the credit? >> absolutely not. think he had something to do with stepping in. and that's great. but if he's like waving the flag, mission accomplished, ain't happened yet. elizabeth: mission accomplished moment, eric? >> we've been talking about this for a long time. recessions last, i don't know, 18, 19 months. this is going to come out of recession. t
. "lar i king" starts right now. see you tomorrow night. >> larry: elizabeth edwards debating health care reform for the first time and squares off on life and death issues with the former hhs secretary tommy thompson. is president obama's plan in critical condition? a health care reform debate exclusive. then bill cosby speaks out. explaining why he believes a well-schooled kid saved him money. plus, what's really out there? british government releases official ufo files. "newsweek" reports nasa is searching for aliens. if they do exist how do we make contact? all next on "larry king live." two extraordinary lifted americans join us to discuss the health care question. elizabeth edwards. focusing on health care issues. she is the wife of the former democratic vice presidential candidate john edwards and "new york times" best-selling author of resilience. and madison, wisconsin, tommy thompson who is the secretary of health and human services under president george w. bush and as the former republican governor of wisconsin. elizabeth, in an interview last month, you said you thought that
. >> larry: tonight, elizabeth edwards, debating health care reform for the first time and she squares off on life and death issues with the former hhs secretary, tommy thompson. is president obama's plan in critical condition? a health care reform debate exclusive. >>> and then the debate over health care reform rages as thousands of americans stand in line for hours, even days, seeking medical services they can't afford. there are more angry questions about why health care costs so much and what washington should do about it. >>> former dnc chairman howard dean squares off with former gop senate majority leader bill frist. they're both doctors and they have very different prescriptions for curing our ailing health care system. all that and more, next on "larry king live." >> larry: two extraordinarily gifted americans join us now to discuss the health care question. in raleigh, north carolina, elizabeth edwards, senior fellow at the center for american progress, primarily focusing on health care issues, the wife of the former democratic vice presidential candidate john edwards and "the n
join us to discuss the health care question, elizabeth edwards senior fellow at the center for american progress primarily focusing on health care issues the wife of the former democratic presidential candidate john edwards and the best selling author of "resilience" and in madison, wisconsin, tommy thompson, who was the secretary of health and human services under president george w. bush and is the former republican governor of wisconsin. elizabeth, in an interview last month you said you thought substantive health care reform would be enacted. do you stand by that? >> i still do. i'm incredibly optimistic. i think the american people are still in favor of health care reform despite the assault they've had of a lot of hyperbole and misstatements and people know in their real lives that they need, they're going to need change. we're going to need change in health care nationally and in their own communities and in their own families. >> tommy, in an interview with dr. val jones the ceo of better health, a blogger medical education network you said in february you can bet your bottom do
, appreciate the report. we know others have lived through this kind of nightmare before. in 2002, elizabeth smart was kidnapped from her home in salt lake city. the couple who took smart held her for nine months. elizabeth smart and her father ed smart joined me earlier today. here's the "360" interview. elizabet elizabeth, ed, thanks so much for being with us. elizabeth, what do you think jaycee is going through right now? >> for me, i felt relief, happiness, excited to be home and back with the people that i know loved me and cared for me and want what's best for me. i would think that jaycee is probably feeling something along those lines as well. >> and, ed, from a father's perspective, what was it like getting that call, being told that, you know, after so long your child is alive? >> the end of the nightmare. it was very surreal. the moment of finding that it was really her was just like this one miracle in life that i could have. it just was overwhelming and joyful. >> and elizabeth, that reunion, obviously incredibly emotional and joyful. there's got to be a lot of ups and downs wit
man. this is beautiful. reporter: also deeply personal. larry's wife elizabeth is in kidney failure and on dialysis. >> i do not want to live like this. i want to go, i want to die. that's the way i say it to myself. >> reporter: the trouble, larry's blood isn't compatible for a kidney transplant. but maybe he could donate to someone else. >> i live in the house with her. i hear her every night crying and talking to god. there is nothing i can do. >> reporter: linda russell is here to give a kidney though no one she knows needs one. >> you are helping to save many lives. >> reporter: she has flown in from st. louis simply to donate. >> to think that people, thousands of people die every year in need of a kidney. that's why. >> reporter: people like daisha pinkard whose father gave her a kidney 14 years ago but now that kidney is failing. >> it is very draining. it's no kind of life i wish on anyone. >> x marks the spot. >> reporter: jordan bro is here, donating a kidney simply because he can. >> if i have two and somebody can use one. makes me uncomfortable for a little while. seems
breaking details on the investigation. plus, you'll hear tonight from ed smart, from his daughter elizabeth. you'll remember elizabeth was kidnapped at the age of 14. she was held for nine months before finally being reunited with her parents. >>> in boston, an outpouring of emotion for senator ted kennedy. you're looking right now at live pictures. this is from inside the john f. kennedy presidential library. thousands of people waiting in line for a chance to file past the senator's coffin, capping off an emotional journey that began earlier today. >> generations of kennedys left their compound along with a man they described as the center of their family and joyous light in their lives. after a private mass, the motorcade began a 70-mile journey winding past landmarks that had special meaning throughout the senator's life. >> boston's mayor rang the bells 47 times. one for each year kennedy served in the senate. >> that motorcade has now arrived at the john f. kennedy memorial library and museum. there you see the family. >> and behind us right now in line, caroline kennedy and her famil
being thrown around but our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here of course to break it all down for us and most importantly tell us why it matters and what it really means for you. elizabeth, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> of course, poppy. the big news this week about health care reform was whether or not the public option, which is basically government-sponsored health care as an option, has to be a part of health care reform. obama proposed it, and then there were some questions as to whether or not he was backing away. here's what secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius had to say. >> here's the bottom line. absolutely nothing is changed. we continue to support the public option. that will help lower costs, give american consumers more choice, and keep private insurers honest. if people have other ideas about how to accomplish these goals, we'll look at those, too, but the public option is a very good way to do this. >> so, poppy, what it sounds like she's saying is we like the public option here in the white house but it's not a deal b
save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. >>> elizabeth edwards has a new business venture. a look at the grand opening of her new store. also what she had to say about the scandal surrounding her husband, former presidential candidate john edwards. >>> more on our top story, the big waves along the east coast. a big draw for surfers and dare devils. one man killed while body surfing in a beach. surfers and swimmers came dangerously close to riptides. >> i was knee-deep and i could feel it pulling back. >> only in for ten minutes and got pushed down the park here. >> how far is that you think? >> quarter mile. >> lifeguards and police are taking drastic measures to keep people away from beaches. stay here for hln for the latest hurricane details. >>> elisabeth edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate of john edwards is a business owner in chapel hill, north carolina. when asked about the scandal, though, involving her husband, edwards dismissed the question. >> tabloid news is tabloid news. >> i do more moving furniture around than anything else. this is elizabeth
in washington as congress heads home for its summer recess. cnn senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now from atlanta to discuss one of the most common complaints about health insurance, that the companies, insurance companies deny claims they really should pay. elizabeth, what should you do when an insurance company denies your claim? >> reporter: gerri, you know how in real estate everything is location, location, location? well, patient advocates tell me when you're fighting an insurance denial the words are "fight, fight, fight." you just need to keep fighting. let's take a look at specific tips we have from the empowered patient column about how to fight an insurance company when they're denying a claim they ought to be paying. first of all, get all the paperwork so that you can prove your case. that means the paperwork from your doctor and from your insurance company. then as i said, fight, fight, fight. that means appeal your insurance company's decisions. advocates tell me that most of the time when people appeal they actually get their way, which is interesting. >>
. elizabeth sanchez is in burbank this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ross. an emotional reunion is expected to take place here at bob hope airport at 5:00 a.m. local time. the two american journalists looked healthy as they boarded a plane yesterday and have anxiously waited for this day to arrive. the families of euna lee and laura ling are counting down the seconds until the happy homecoming. >> words cannot express my happiness, excitement. >> it's been 140 days. and so, you know, obviously are overjoyed she's going to be back. >> reporter: after being held for months, lee and ling boarded a private jet with former president bill clinton tuesday night. they left north yea less than two hours after he met with the country's leader. clinton and the two women are just hours away from setting foot on american soil. they'll touch down he were at bob hope airport. their safe arrival will mark the joyous ending to a four-month ordeal. lee and ling were arrested along the north korea/china border back in march while working for al gore's current tv. they were sentenced in jun
. elizabeth is live in washington, d.c. with the reaction to the historic vote ka. elizabeth? >>reporter: there was certainly stiff opposition for most senate republicans today on capitol hill. but few members of the gop did side with president obama's pick for the highest court in the land. >> on this vote the yes are 68. the no are 31. >>reporter: with the overwhelming support of democrats. >> she is a judge of unimpeachable character and integrity. >>reporter: the graduate nod of a dozen republicans. >> i will support her.i'll be proud for her. >>reporter: 55-year-old sonya sotomayor will become the first hispanic and third woman to sit on the supreme court. president obama applauded the vote. >> well, i am pleased and deeply gratified that the senate has voted to confirm judge sonya sotomayor. >>reporter: sotomayor came from a modest background. she was raised in the bronx by puerto rican parents. she graduated from princeton and received her law degree from yale. she served as federal judge for nearly 20 years. some republicans who say sotomayor would not be their pick for
10 months later, looks like the toxic acids are still hanging around. we talked with elizabeth warren, the woman appointed by congress to keep an eye on the $787 billion plan. >> very impressed. very impressed. i -- you know, i'd almost trade in my bmw for this thing here. >> susie: that's what general motor's ceo fritz henderson was hoping for as g.m. gathered with consumers for a test drive of the new cars in stock. >> paul: stocks stumble. dick bovay says they're trading on fumes, not reality. >> susie: it may be 100 degrees in the shade in some parts of the country but the nation's retailers are thinking sweaters and coats for christmas. they're busy thinking of new ways to ring up sales this holiday season. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> susie: i'm susie gharib. this is nightly business report for use it, august 11th. this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. 7//& captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: hazardous to the economy's health. that was the warning today from the congressional watchdog monitoring the govern
on a soccer field on monday. >>> elizabeth edwards says she expects some sort o test to determine if her husnd john edwards is the father of his mistress' child. >> my expectation is that some point something happens, and i hope for the sake of this child that happens in a quiet way. >> john edwards admitted last august having an affair with his campaign videographer. the woman has an 18-month-old daughter. elizabeth as wedwards says she s in good health. >>> until december 16, amtrak discounts will continue in the northeast corridor. the discounts come with restrictions. >>> this is a personal observation. this is the warmest night of the summer. temperatures are still in the mid 80's. it is oppressive. fo we will take your word ve titwa until sunday.wet il readings.tion of -- live it feels i i91s is 91 in toli n. 90 in silver spring. veilri ng.sp w i irman the 80's. get the picture. humid, warm weather continues to more. tracking showers and most of the heavy duty stuff has been in the northwest in pennsylvania. we were thinking some of these would come up the shenandoah valley. several tho
, these were all jumble up, they were not marry's letters, elizabeth's letters, they were not in any chronological order. i would pick up a letter from the pile and start to read, recognize the handwriting and i would recognize the voices and here they were as if they were speaking to me from the past, yes, you did get us right. there was elizabeth who couldn't stop quoting from all these dollars she was reading and advising this person, some educating her even though it was long past the time she had been a student. there was mary, counseling her on her love life and there was sophia who would get our way through a page and say i am not well enough to finish this letter. it was a wonderful confirmation that i had done something real and true, at least to the best of liabilities. there were also a couple incidents that i had injected about that proved to be true in these letters, so i felt lucky about them, i thought i would sneak in a few quotations at the eleventh hour. that was really great. the second issue came much earlier in my research. i love biography and i had read many, m
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by our brazilian producer. >> a poor neighborhood in port elizabeth, one of the cities hosting next year's world cup finals in south africa. the school a small play ground. the teachers arrived with little equipment. a ball and a few cones. everything here has meaning. they explain the activity in one of the 11 official languages and the most common in port elizabeth. each cone represents an obstacle brought on by hiv. for example, if someone learns he has the virus and doesn't seek help. in class, the student must dribble around the cones. if he touch one of them, he has to do push-ups. the lesson is if you don't take care of yourself, you can't steer clear of obstacles and there are consequences. there are 450 kids ages 6 through 14 playing and at the same time learning something important. they teach us a lot about hiv, says this 13-year-old. and it's proof that life has made them grow up too soon, they say, we shouldn't go to bed with someone without a condom says this 13-year-old. in the playground, each activity holds a new lesson. the teachers are soccer players themselves and the
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of the country on his program and that is frightening. jon is welcome on the factor anytime. elizabeth edwards, a great woman. now another embarrassment from her husband. making kellie on the aclu suing george apio on his illegal alien policy. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. zyrtec® works fast, so i can love the air™. sfx: coin drop, can shaking when you own a business, saving sounds good. so hear this: regions makes it simple to save money and time with lifegreen checking and savings for business free convenient e-services and regions quick deposit, so you can deposit checks right from your desk. so switch to regions and start saving. plus, get a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhythm of saving. regions - it's time
start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insurance now. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. >>> a dinner wrong leads to a protest in montgomery county. at a lesbian couple was asked to leave and how the restaurant is responding. a disturbing death. tonight, the heart. for loved ones as investigators hit the streets. and falling support for the president and it is more than just health care. the other key issue at the center of concern. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we begin tonight with heartbreak and anchor for theri. erwn w ohoas w fouerndwn o who d ouidofe wn his restaurant in northeast. jennifer donelan has more on what the detectives have learned. >> he was a father, husband, and well-known local business owner. tonight, so many are heartbroken and shocked that is life and did so violently. -- and ended so violently. >> to go thousands of miles and start a new life in a new country is terrible. >> family and friends of rally around the neighbors in morning after the man's body was foun
, but congress extended it. >> reporter: worried she may miss out if she waited any longer, elizabeth decide decided to buy it earlier. >> there is no question in my mind that we would buy that car today. >> people driving the cars can afford it. they're careful, this incentive pushes the people back into the marketplace. >> reporter: and just one week, they say they brought in about 300 klingers, all of these are clunkers, when you do the math it is about 1.2 million that the government owes just this dealership. because of the booming sales nationwide, the government nearly ran through the first billion within just the first days. the u.s. house of representatives quickly approved another 2 billion on friday. but dealers must wait for the senate to give it up. >> i wouldn't have confidence, we wouldn't do it if we didn't think it would go through. >> reporter: but fitzgerald is still being careful, even though she signed on the dotted line. she will wait until the vote goes through before selling her old car. in gaithersburg, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >>> and more proof of the program ta
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project this time. >>> elizabeth edwards takes on a new challenge in the whole edwards family is voined.. ed.o what the manhu is underway for a fmeorrnd reality tv contestant whsr now a murder suspect. >>> and after a night of wild weather, what's in store for tomorrow? your complete forecast coming up on abc 7 news news at 11:00. 11s (announcer) now when verizon brings fios straight to your home, you can get amazing tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month for six months. that's like getting all three incredible fios services for the price of two. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today. this is fios. this is big. get your christmas club card and use it... to start saving up now... and we'll add a 3% bonus to your card -- just in time to shop for christmas! yes, the christmas bonus is back! one more way to shop your way, only at kmart and sears. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in peop
-year-old elizabeth garner. she is meeting jordan growe for the first time. the man who gave her his kidney. >> he is my angel. >> her husband, larry, he is beating daisha pinkard. she has his kidney. it started two weeks ago. >> you are my hero. >> he did it for his wife elizabeth. in kidney failure living on dialysis. >> i do not want to live like this. i want to go. i want to die. >> their reunion is the result of a 14-person kidney swap between patients at georgetown university hospital, and washington hospital center. mcfadder participated in hopes some one in the group would be a match for elizabeth and in return one of the others could take larry's kidney. the lucky recipient of his kidney, daisha, her father gave her one of his 14 years ago but it is now failing. >> very drainingment no kind of life i wish on any one. >> the rest of the group, all 14, a total of 14 surgeries over four days, what makes this kidney swap unprecedented, all recipients are african-american. the doctor is the director of kidney transplants at georgetown. >> we really have an epidemic of kidney dise
you your money faster, sometimes before your neighbors even start their claims. i'm elizabeth stelzer, and i am on your side. ( elizabeth ) switch to nationwide insuranceow. ( man ) call 1-877-nationwide. >>> good evening everyone. thank you for joining us. a break tonight from the downpour across the area earlier this evening. the heavy rain and powerful winds had knocked out power in some neighborhoods. strong winds also toppled trees across the region like this one. and in bethesda trees were knocked over along river road and springfield drive. and in northwest d.c. the trees came down along massachusetts avenue and macomb street. >> things have improved greatly since earlier this evening. we picked up two or three inches of rain in some areas causing localized flooding problems and severe weather wthwiind gust m50th60, iles an g ur buthe r h60waeavyn ais the story early leoklolis t a veppe r t'leoklo at live doppler 9,000 see what is going on now. all is quiet. therilare l a couple of showers up in the northern part no. nne l ar deundecoty hing of any significance but weashe adin
-host elizabeth hasselbeck. >> i'll tell you what elizabeth has done for me. she has made me realize that i have to listen as well as talk. and sometimes she will say something that makes absolute sense to me and i know i'm getting better because i heard it, you know what i mean? some people buy a car based on the deal they get. others buy the car of their dreams. during the lexus golden opportunity sales event, you can do both. it's an opportunity today. it's a lexus forever. special lease offers now available on the 2009 is 250. i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration... plus support for bone and breast health. just what i need. one a day women's. >>> our breaking news tonight, president clinton has safely left north korea with freed u.s. journalist laura ling and euna lee, plane now headed for los angeles. mission accomplished after clinton swooped in for an unannounced meeting for kim jong il who then issued a special pardon clearing the way for the journalists' immediate release. a major pr victory for
's in it for you. our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen has been doing a great job answering a lot of questions about what does this public health care plan mean if it's passed by both houses on the hill? i asked her earlier about a question that many of you have been asking. is this socialize medicine? wilt government getting involved? so many questions coming from you the viewer. so we've asked elizabeth cohen to answer them. it's an advisable course of action but having it mandated is taking away a choice and therefore by taking away my freedom to make the choice. is it true? is it being limited? >> there are some plans where every american will be man ditd have health care insurance. so zarv saying, i want to make the choice not to have insurance. it's my choice as an american. it might not be his choice for much longer. so if he's asking is a mandate limiting my options, yes, it would. you can't go without health snurns there's a mandate. but a lot of people would say zarv selfish to not have health insurance because if he gets into a car accident or cancer, guess who's going
website for your future reference. our featured authors today are john and elizabeth roberts. john roberts served in the reagan white house for two terms in areas of planning and evaluation, as well as the office of political and intergovernmental affairs. . . >> our friends today combined information about freeing tibet on the establishment of the tibetan area. we are looking forward to their discussion in a very readable book and i know that john and elizabeth had have special comments for us and join us for the q & a afterwards. so please join me in welcoming to the podium, john roberts. >> just a little bit over 50 years ago, a very enigmatc monk sailed into the harbor of new york to settle into the saw it's. i decided to start this morning talking about him, because he turned out to be the living human bridge in a changing political movement to maintain tibet's freedom that began as a cold war operation in the 1950's under president truman, and continued to become a counterculture cause up till today, where it's a mass global movement. and that transformation of a political mo
reaches a critical point in congress. let's talk to senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, and in arlington, virginia,'s jeanne cummings. ladies, good to talk with both of you. elizabeth, let me start with you. it's important to remember now, as we continue along the path in this debate over health care and health care reform that senator kennedy was talking about this issue long before many, and he never gave up the issue. >> right. it's hard to remember now, as we're all so steeped in health care reform, but in the 1970s there weren't a whole lot of people who were talking about it in the same way that he was. as tony said, he did not get off it, as a matter of fact he wrote a story in "newsweek" magazine that i have right here. and he calls it the cause of his life. that's what he calls it, the cause of his life, and he never gave up on it. and one of the reasons, tony, we were talking about that, this is when his son, teddy jr. had cancer. >> that's right. >> he was in an experimental study. and the study ended early, and the study gave free care. but when
to >>> elizabeth edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate job edwards, is now a business owner. yesterday was the grand opening of her new furniture store in chapel hill, north carolina. when asked about the scandal involving her husband, edwards dismissed the question. >> tabloid news is tabloid news. >> i do more moving furniture around than anything else. elizabeth's deal. everybody in the family is trying to help her. >> edwards says she was inspired to open the store by her mother who owned a charity store where she sold japanese antiques. edwards says the store is a family endeavor. >>> movie critics can only do so much to get audiences into or out of the theater. movies need good word of mouth, something that could take days but can now happen in hours. what's behind the make or break buzz? >> well, we'll be leaving a little early. we're going to be dropped into france. once we're in enemy territory and the bush whacking gorilla army, we're going to be doing one thing and one thing only. ñ >>> the government puts the brakes on the cash for clunkers pr
here is clarifying comments on the public option. our elizabeth cohen is going to break down the health care debate and try and get to what's critical for you. we're going to be talking about co-ops today, by the way and also watching what's going on in the atlantic, the hurricane season is well into it. could bill make a beeline for the atlantic coast? bill or anna, which is it? >>> it's make or break month for health care reform and a lot of supporters of the public option are wondering if that element of health care reform is even going to happen now. given what the president's been saying for the last couple of days. there's been hint the administration over the weekend could totally drop the option just to get something passed. but now there's a different signal. linda douglas has released a statement. listen to this, what's your take on this? the president has always said that what is essential is that health insurance reform must lower costs, ensure that there are affordable options for all americans and it must increase choice and competition in the health insurance market. he b
is it that they stay in the situation that they're in. >> reporter: in 2002 elizabeth smart was an ducted from her salt lake city bedroom and held captive for nine months. >> stockholm syndrome is a very interesting phenomenon in which the person who is abducted or taken hostage over time becomes very friendly, develops an emotional bond with their captor. >> reporter: 11-year-old shaun hornbeck was held 4 1/2 years, and even though shaun was allowed to leave his captors' home and even make friends, he never ran. >> thruere was aunt day i didn' think he was going to kill me. >> reporter: why didn't they run? >> it's a way to deal with the stress of having your life at risk. this person becomes emotionally bonded to their abductor and develops a long relationship, and once they are freed, it becomes a long process of healing. >> this horrific story brings to mind the 2002 an dukds of elizabeth smart who returned home to her family after nine months. elizabeth's father ed smart joining us from salt lake city. good morning, mr. smart. >> good morning. >> were you surprised to hear that a girl who had acce
kidnapping when 14-year-old elizabeth smart is snatched from her own bedroom after an intense nine month manhunt elizabeth is found. just 18 miles from home in the company of a religious lo lunat and his wife. >> are you afraid of someone taking you away again? >> of course i am always careful i always lock my doors check my windows. >> three weeks after her safe return investigators locate a half a dozen public campsites were elizabeth had been held one four miles from home. austria 200618-year-old natasha escapes 8 years of captivity. most of the time spent in an elaborate windowless dung gone guilt underneath her kidnaper's garage. again austria 2008 acting on a tip police raised the home of 73-year-old joseph fritzl three of the 11 children he fathered with his daughter living in another makeshift dung gone. his wife claims she had no idea the daughter she thought had run away was living locked up like an animal in a whole under the family home. detective states the odds. >> it is necessary to check the entire life of the suspect in order to prevent the types of crime ever happened a
that elizabeth cohen does. it's called empowered patient. she lists these tips right here. we have a couple on the graphic. it's so interesting. check out this graphic. she points to a couple of things. one is in about a dozen states you can become a group of one. so you're not just one person trying to get insurance, you're getting the benefit of a group out there if you can find the right way to do that. some states you can join this high risk pool. if you have pre-existing conditions it may cost you more but you can still become part of the group insurance plan instead of being completely alone and trying to get that insurance coverage. this is just one example that people are asking us. we're going through your questions right now and coming up in 90 minutes i'll be answering some. or drew, this is a good one. we'll have more this hour and later into the 4:00 hour. >> jesse jackson jr. -- >> i saw part of it. >> can you find out what that's all about. >> as soon as we get off the air i'll go and find out. >> my question. maybe i should go to sub
about is elizabeth he had -- edwards. i could careless about john edwards. we d need don't need to hear ab any more. my heart goes out to a woman who's faithfulness and courage has inspired all of us and she has had her very soul trampled on her. no sense of pro prity. >> i think it's a by partisan problem. >> by partisan? >> yeah. >> this is so much creep year than any of the other cases. by the way elizabeth edwards was going along with the whole fraud. >> be kind. >> don't say poor, poor elizabeth edwards she has been lying for him. >> she is attacking people who did know the truth. she knows this is the baby and she knows andrew young is the father. he is going to tell the truth now he made the point of saying he only had the affair when her cancer was in recision which is disproved by the way. >> the president addresses the nation's largest organization of combat veterans. the foreign ficcation of to demonstrate the allergen trappers in pledge, we've trapped kimberly in this glass box... with all this dust. well, it's only dust. in that dust are allergens from pet dander and dust m
's years locked up. i'm an old vietnam vet that's shell shocked. >> just ahead elizabeth smart talks about her similar experience of being abducted in 2002 and what challenges that jaycee dugard will probably face now that she's out of captivity. >>> firefighters in california are fighting an uphill battle against a massive fire. check it out. here's what they're up against in rancho palos verdes. no word on how many buildings are damaged. just north of l.a. in la canada-flintridge, people have been ordered to evacuate. >>> two u.s. soldiers were killed overnight when a roadside bomb exploded in eastern baghdad. military officials aren't giving out any information. >>> tropical storm danny is headed toward the east coast now and meteorologist bob van dillen is with us. bob, what can we expect today on this weekend? >> i think just some big waves is all we'll get. wind around the coast, outer banks, nantucket and cape cod but let me show you what's happening, barely a tropical storm, 40-mile-per-hour sustained winds, on the northwesterly path and not organized at all. i don't think this wil
and this evening, don. >>> thank you. and yet to come on our morning edition ... >> reporter: i'm elizabeth and chez in burbank, california where it will be a happy home coming for two freed journalists. >> reporter: swine flu and the start of school. why there are major concerns this morning. i'm mary bubala just ahead. >>> not too many problems to get in your way. we'll give you a complete update in just a few. now here's marty. >> we're talking pork this day with paula dean. paula is one of the great stars of the food network. a total classic. you know what? summertime, it's called grilling out. the morning edition continues. trust me, it's fun with us. 6:45. stay tuned. >>> it's 6:30 and humid but pretty nice day to start. sharyn's been keeping watch over your traffic for you. marty is over at first warning weather. >> it's a great day to start but i think coming home from work is not -- well, it's not impossible you might need an umbrella. i can see some showers around, but the big concern, let's go ahead and take a look at the day. there are going to be some thunderstorms. nothing hap
asked her if she was ready to push. she was. she pushed and elizabeth was born. >> they were definitely in the right place at the right time. it was nice not to have to do that on our own. we were going to be having her in the car no matter what. >> elizabeth, the little baby, is fine and healthy and her parents did not get a speeding ticket. >> elizabeth gets a little badge. >>> still to come in our next half hour of "news4 at 5," a program that's helping to stem the number of foreclosures in one of the hardest-hit parts of this area. >>> an unintended consequence of the cash for clunkers program. why it may cost you more to buy a used car. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu
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